Dance Classes that Nurture Talent and Cultivate Discipline.

Embark on an exciting adventure where the thrill of fun merges with the beauty of discipline through the universal language of dance.

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What will a typical day look like for your dancer?

The six-year-olds in the ballet class wander into the room by twos and threes, chattering between themselves, laughing and pointing at each other, spinning practice pirouettes before landing on their bums. They’re excited to be here, happy to be moving their bodies, and run to their teacher when she walks into the room. An hour later, a mixed group of boys and girls are learning a new hip hop move. The middle school students are easily embarrassed when they make a mistake, but their teacher encourages them anyway, and before long, all the students are learning the new combination and having fun. The music is contagious; even as you walk past the studio, you can’t help but bob your head in rhythm, and tap your toes.

Later on, the older teenagers show up. As they enter the room, they also laugh and talk with each other, but they are more subdued than the little girls were. They’re more serious. By this time, these young women and men have been dancing nearly their entire lives. They’ve learned the discipline they need in order to get progressively better. And they’ve learned that in a group performance, everyone’s best effort is necessary or the whole thing looks bad. After practicing their routine without music, when the music is added, you can see the smiles break out as they demonstrate how masterfully they’ve learned their parts!

This is just another day at LHQ DanceForce Studio.

I'm Lynn Hadden-Quinn, and welcome to my dance studio in Agawam, Massachusetts - the only dance school in the area that blends fun with discipline. Join us for a trial class and together, we can inspire our children to reach new heights.


What our dance family is saying

"My children have gained confidence and self-esteem. They have also gained new friendships with great kids. I choose LHQ over the competition because they treat every child as an individual and encourage them to be their best."

Allison Kasperek

"I owe it all to LHQ for dancing and making me who I am today! I'll always remember the lessons (both in life and dance) that I learned and keep LHQ in my heart forever!"

Hayley Burbank

"The LHQ Danceforce crew and staff are just incredible! My daughter enjoys every second! I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do. Thank you!"


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